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cpc plastics experts are experienced with plastic material selection product design failure analysis and expert testimony
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The knowledge and Experience that you would expect from a Plastic Expert.

CPC Plastics is globally recognized as a leading plastics authority; rule34 for more than a decade, CPC has provided our global clientele with the highest level of plastic knowledge and expertise that comes with more than twenty years of hands-on application experience. Unlike most other plastic consultants, CPC Plastics works "in the trenches" day in, and day out, providing essential plastic engineering services, acting as "in-house" plastic experts, at a fraction of the cost.Plastic Consultant, Plastic Expert, and Plastic Failure and Testinng Services

a global plastic consulting and engineering firm, specializing in plastic materials, plastic product design, plastic manufacturing, plastic failure analysis, and plastic expert testimony services concerning the same. CPC Plastics' experts work with U.S. Government Agencies, U.S. Military, Fortune 500 Companies, and individuals alike on a broad array of plastic materials and applications.

From optical guided ballistic warheads and Taser® weapons, to OEM automotive components and lifesaving medical devices; and yes, even our work on drug smuggling cases for the U.S. Department of Justice, are just a few examples of how CPC Plastics has helped solve some of the world's most difficult plastic problems.

Speak with a plastic expert today, ask if we can help "Solve your most difficult Plastic Problem". Toll Free: 866.828.0820.

The Knowledge and Experience You would expect from a Plastic Expert.

Real-world Plastic Experts. On site Plastic Design, Tooling, Manufacturing, and Testing Facilities.

CPC Plastics consultants have commissioned more than +1000 plastic failure analysis studies. We have navigated our Clients through hundreds of plastic material selection and plastic product design studies. When you need a plastic expert that can take your project start to finish, or anywhere in-between, their is no other organization that has the extensive hands-on plastic experience and knowledge base that comes with more than 50 years of dedication to the plastics industry.

More importantly, CPC Plastics is the only dedicated plastic consulting firm that operates an on site plastic injection molding and mold [tool] construction facilities where we develop, test, and qualify plastic tools (molds), taking the guesswork and headaches out of the plastic manufacturing process, In addition, we maintain a full service in-house tool and die [mold] works facility, where we design, construct, analyze, troubleshoot, and repair plastic molds and dies built on-shore and off-shore, i.e. China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Asia, etc.




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