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No one solves more plastic problems than CPC Plastics. We have Plastic down to a Science.

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Today, plastics engineers face numerous challenges.  Each  step of the plastic design process, from concept to completion has its own challenges and pitfalls.  With over 50, 000 commercially available plastic resins, even the best of professionals can become overwhelmed with the shear number of common plastic resins and additives available to select from, we take the guesswork out of plastic material selection. rule 34

CPC Plastics Consultants have Decades of Plastics Experience.

Many variables must be considered when designing with plastics, such as the plastic manufacturing process, service-use, plastics resins, etc., neglect either and the consequences will be timely, costly, and embarrassing. CPC's plastic consultants save you time, money and the apologies, we take the guesswork out of plastics.

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Our Consultants have taken the guesswork out of Material Selection since 1998.

Since 1998, CPC's plastic consultants have worked with Military, Government Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, and private companies that require project specific plastics consultant services for a wide range of plastic product designs and applications. From developing cutting edge engineered plastics for optical guided ballistic warheads to determining the root cause of PVC and CPVC Pipe Failure(s), CPC's Plastics Consultants can help your engineering team meets its goals.

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